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the curse - copper wire sculpture

the curse - copper sculpture


Pain, Frustration, Disillusionment, Disappointment - sometimes you need to let it out... "My loving Creator, why have you made me this way?" This can be the cry at certain stages of life. We believe we cannot achieve what we would like, because we lack the ability, are not good enough, and we would fail. This is a lie. I believe we should accept the way we were made, and know that we can achieve goals and dreams, no matter what we feel we might lack.

side view 15cm High, 19.5cm wide, and 12cm deep.(5.9 x 7.7 x 4.7 inches) Completed 10th June, 1997.

Original Sold - Anchorage, Alaska. The buyer quotes "After being handled and manipulated with human hands, the lustre of the copper wire leaves me with an impression of desiccation and mummification, of secrets long buried that rise again. The solder is the cartilage and ligament that binds it all together. For what it's worth, I approve."


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